Mother’s Day is one of my favorite days. Not because I have a big brunch celebration or get great gifts. It just reminds me of my mom. And it reminds me of how much I love being a mom. My mom is partially responsible for my love of beauty products. She always hoarded samples from the department store cosmetics counters. I remember the miniature yellow Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotions from Clinique, the glamorous La Prairie samples that I was not allowed to touch, and the Chanel No. 5 vials. After I started Bluemercury, I got her hooked on La Mer and she swore the original Crème de la Mer was a miracle worker, all the way through her last days. 

Beck Family
It is our job to pass our knowledge to our children – beauty and other. I recently had the good fortune to take my oldest daughter, Ariel, to NYC with me to study some of the great beauty entrepreneurs, where we connected with Trish McEvoy and Bobbi Brown. On our way home, Ariel sketched out her plans for her own beauty company. I think entrepreneurship may be hereditary! (Just kidding, I wholly believe it can be learned.) 

Marla Beck, Ariel Beck and Trish McEvoy
I hope all of you spend today thinking of your moms, and if you are a mom, thinking about the magical power you hold to lead your child to the future. 




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